We carry cycling clothing for all members of the family, for all types of riding and all types of weather. We also have a nice selection of woman's clothing and shoes.


Why use cycling clothing? Even a weekend or low mileage rider will benefit from cycling clothing. One of the best reason to use cycling clothing is that it is made of high tech fabrics that wick moisture from the body. It will prevent you from having that clammy feeling, by pulling the moisture off you body to the top of the fabric, where is can then be evaporated off. This will keep you cooler in warm weather and warmer in cool weather. Some of the clothing is fitted to make you aerodynamic. Or you can get the loose fit clothing if you prefer.

Cycling shorts have a padded crotch for added comfort. And unlike using jeans or other shorts, cycling shorts don't have seams in areas that cause chafing. Any customer that has bought cycling shorts once, comes back to buy more because of how much more enjoyable it makes their cycling experience. Something most people new to cycling shorts don't know it that they are made to be worn without underwear. By cutting down on the layers of clothing between you and your saddle, you cut down on chafing. If you do not wear any other piece of cycling clothing, shorts are the best purchase. The shorts come in form fitting lycra or baggy shorts with the padded lycra short hiding inside. FOX, and SUGOI are our main brands of shorts. We normally have a small selection of shorts on sale, lowering the price of shorts to around $20.

Gloves come lightly padded, or with thick, gel padding for the ultimate in protection. The obvious reason to wear gloves is that they cut down on the vibration the rider gets through the handlebars. But also remember, if you ever have an accident and you go down, the gloves will help prevent road rash. Gloves can have most of the fingers cut off or be full fingered for cooler riding. We also have winter riding gloves for all temperatures.

While most people think of jerseys as being those funny looking shirts some cyclists wear, they come in many different styles. Again, the benefit of a jersey is the high tech fabric that wicks moisture off your torso, to keep you more comfortable. Jerseys come in a looser fit, and in solid colors if that is what you prefer. Jerseys are also made longer in back to help you avoid that attractive plumbers look when you are bent over and pedaling down the road.

Cycling socks really add to comfort when cycling. You avoid that clammy foot feeling, and cut down on athletes foot, because the socks will wick the moisture off your feet. And socks come in a huge variety of colors, and with logos or cartoon characters over your ankle. DeFeet and Sock Guy are the two main brands of socks that we carry, though most bike brands and component manufacturers advertise on socks. Examples are Shimano, No Fear, Pedros, Schwinn, etc. Most socks are around $7 a pair.

Different sports design shoes to fit the needs of their sports. Cycling shoes are no exception. One things that differentiate cycling shoes from a lot of other sports shoes, is that they are stiffer. That means that more of your pedaling energy goes into your pedal stroke, and isn't lost in your shoe flexing. Something else that is cycling shoes allow the rider to use clipless pedals. This way of attaching your feet to the pedal has become a very popular upgrade for all types of riders. The combination of stiff shoe and solid attachment to the pedal is beneficial to the rider for several reasons. First, you will never again experience that horrible feeling when your foot slips off the pedal when you are applying lots of pressure. Clipless pedals also allow you to pull on the pedals, as well as push, meaning that you are using more of the pedaling circle. Generally, clipless pedals will weigh less then your old pedals, and have better bearings to boot. We carry Shimano and Sidi brand shoes, starting at $60 and up.

Everyone should be safe and wear a helmet when riding a bike. Bike helmets are much more comfortable today, being lighter weight and having lots of vents for increased air flow. And buying it at a bike store means that you will have it professionally fitted. When we fit your child's helmet we include a great talk to them about how and why you wear a helmet. When you don't wear your helmet around your kids, you are sending the wrong message about safety. Don't be fooled by the cheap helmets in discount stores either. Poor quality straps and buckles mean that the helmets will never fit correctly or stay in place, making it less likely that you or your child will wear the helmet. In adult and youth helmets, we carry Bell and Giro. THe skater/freestyle helmets that we stock are Bell, Giro, Pryme, and SE Racing. Helmets start at $25.95 and up.

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