You have lots of choices when you want to go riding, but the kids aren't old enough to ride or keep up with you.


Baby seats are the least expensive way to bring a child with you on a ride. Most baby seats can be easily removed from the rack so you can move it to your mates bike or remove it altogether when the little one isn't with you. And they are made to attach to places on your frame that were made to attach stuff to, to save your paint job. There are several down sides, though. You can only bring one child with you and look where that child is at. If for some reason you fall, your child will fall a long way with you. We have baby seats starting from $85 up to $140.


Great for carrying 2 kids and diaper bags and food and other stuff, too!! Child trailers have two fold up covers, one that lets the air flow through but stops the bugs, and another that keeps the trailer dry inside if you get caught in the rain. Child trailers are made to stay upright, even if you fall over. They fold for storage or transportation in a jiffy, too. Prices range from $250 to $650. We carry RHode Gear and Chariot.

So junior thinks he is too big to be in a baby seat or a trailer, but he can't keep up with you in speed or distance? Or cool parent that you are, you want to introduce your child to the exhilaration of rolling down the trail under the trees? A Trailabike attaches to your seatpost, and gives the little one pedals, handlebars and a seat. They pedal along with you, and feel like they are participating. Trailabikes don't have brakes, to help prevent an accident. We carry FIVE models, from $175 and up. Most fold in half, to make storage and transportation easier, and some have gears, so kids can still pedal along with faster parents. If you have 2 children to bring with you, we have tandem trailabikes. And we can hook one up to a bike, so you can ride with your kid around our large parking lot to be sure it is right for you. Adams (the company that created the Trailabike) is the brand we carry.


Croozer offers trailers for all size pets. We carry both sizes and they easily change to strollers for when you are not riding.


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