If you ask us, this is the most fun part of the bike purchase. First, think about security and safety! Do you have anything to lock your bike up with? If your answer is no, then that means when you go out riding, you will not be stopping anywhere and leaving your bike unattended. Cable locks come with an integrated, re settable combination lock and six foot lengths so those quick release wheels are protected as well. U-locks are for more expensive bikes (over $350) or bikes left in high risk areas. The front wheel must be removed from the bike to fit into the U-lock. KRYPTONITE is probably the best known company in the business of locking up bikes. They sell a combo pack with both 4' cable and a long shank u-lock, for the security of a u-lock and the convenience of not having to remove your front wheel.

Basic safety must include a helmet. Helmets are lighter and better ventilated today, making them as comfortable as they are safe. Color selection tends to follow the trends of bike colors, so getting matching helmet won't be any problem at all. Adult and youth helmets are in great supply from BELL HELMETS and GIRO, Too!

Cycling computers are fun, as well as informative. Imagine finding out that Sunday morning ride you do isn't the 10 or 15 miles you think it is, but really 7.8 miles. Improve your riding skills by trying to improve on time and speed. Basic models that will give you current speed, odometer, trip distance, and elapsed time, start at $25. Models with more functions, such as cadence, average speed, and even wireless models will run from $30 to $75.CATEYE sells head and tail lights as well as computers.

Are you looking for something reasonably priced, cuz you will probably get caught coming home at dusk once in a while? We carry several models from CATEYE. Models for the serious night rider, that include rechargers, have 4 to 10 times the brightness of less expensive lighting systems come from CYGOLITE.


Upgrades can be another exciting part of the cycling experience. What is the difference between an accessory and a component? Accessories are the stuff that you buy to add to your bike, while components are the parts that come as on your bike, at purchase time.

Our selection of wheels for mountain bikes, road bikes and BMX is hard to beat. We have the wheels you want in stock and ready for you to take home. A basic pair of mountain bike wheels starts around $125. Top line mountain bike and road bike wheels are available from SHIMANO and other companies. You have got to get your hands on a set of these wheels to even be able to appreciate the lightness, smooth bearing, and strength. These wheels start at $210 a pair and up.

When your old derailer isn't performing up to snuff, due to old age, abuse or an accident, it's the perfect time to get that higher level derailer you been staring at on that new bike that is just a tad (yeah, like the mortgage payment) out of your reach. We carry derailers, shifters, cranks and chains from SHIMANO and SRAM.

Probably one of the most common upgrades bike owners make. And some of them have a pile of seats at home that they have accumulated in the search of the perfect seat. Well, we hope that we have solved that costly problem. Take a seat home, put it on your bike and ride it. If after a few rides you know that it is not the seat for you, bring it back (in undamaged condition) and we will give you full value for it against another seat. We can do this because we are great at helping you find the right seat for you. We'll ask you questions about your bike and what kind of riding you do. Most important. what's wrong with the seat that you are replacing. Our experience and service will help you get the right seat. Some of our best selling COMFORT seats come from SERFAS. The sweetest, lightest, chichi-ist seats are in our showcases, too. Titanium rails, embroidery, and leather as soft as your first kiss.