Repairs & Service

Any brand or type of bike can be repaired by our experienced mechanic, and we will gladly give you a free estimate with a full explanation of the repairs your bike needs. Our staff attends technical clinics throughout the year, held by the biggest names in the industry. The best way to avoid waits or additional charges is to plan ahead and get your bike in early in the season for planned maintenance.

Most repair charges are a set amount, but may be higher if the job requires more time then usual.


Mountain and other geared bikes are $50 or $75. Both tuneups include adjusting gears and brakes, adjusting bearing areas, a safety check to make sure that everything is tight. The $75 tune up will also true, or straighten, both wheels, if necessary. We will spin the wheels in front of you to explain what we are talking about, so that you may make an informed choice. For $6 extra, we will remove the chain, degrease it, and fully lube it after reinstallation.
BMX and other single speed bikes are $35 or $45 depending how many hand brakes the bike has.
Degreasing the chain will be $10 extra.


Just like at the hand wash car washes, we will hand clean your bike from top to bottom for just $25.


If you bring in the wheel only, with no tire or tube on it to fix a flat, the labor charge is $8. If you bring in the complete bike for a flat repair, the labor charge is $10 for a front wheel flat or $12 for a rear wheel flat. Tubes prices are additional and are $5 for a 20 inch BMX tube, $6 for all other schraeder valve tubes, and $6.50 for presta valve tubes.


The charge to adjust, break down for repacking, or for installation for a sealed bottom bracket is $25. The same type of work on a BMX 3 piece crank is $35.


To adjust a headset or to break it down for repacking it normally $25. The same work on a freestyle bike with a gyro is $30 without a front brake or $35 with a front brake.


The following labor rates do not include work on coaster brake hubs, which are strictly dependent upon brand and time required to do the job. Otherwise, the charge to adjust or repack bearings on a front hub are $10 if the wheel alone is brought in or $15 if the whole bike is brought in. Rear wheel labor is $15 if the wheel is brought in alone, or $20 if the whole bike is brought in.


The lowest price for truing a wheel is if you bring it in out of the bike, and with no tire or tube on it. Then the charge is $13 to $18. If you bring in the wheel only, with the tire and tube installed, it is $20 to $25. If you bring in the complete bike to have a wheel trued, a front wheel true will be $23 to $28 and $25 to $30 for the rear wheel. 48 spoke BMX wheels take considerably longer to work on, so for a double walled, 48 spoke wheel the charge is $30 to $35 if you bring in the wheel only, or $35 to $40 if the tire and tube are still on the wheel. Relacing (putting a new rim on a wheel) is $40 for most wheels (wheel only, no tire and tube), and $45 to $50 for a 48 spoke, double walled rim.